Northwest Integrated Health
Friday, May 18, 2018 12:00 AM

05/18/18: Northwest Integrated Health

JOB TITLE: Physician Assistant
Our goal at Northwest Integrated Health is to provide an integrated approach to addictive disorders. We take an interdisciplinary approach, where counseling, education, support and medical treatment are integrated to provide a comprehensive model of treatment.

We believe that addiction is a chronic disease like any other chronic diseases, e.g. diabetes, hypertension. A chronic disease cannot be cured but can be managed, and the best treatment is life-style modification, behavioral therapy and support from family and friends.

Medications can not cure a chronic disease, however can stabilize the condition and provide harm reduction. We strive to provide an evidence based, patient-centered, quality integrated health program for the treatment of substance abuse disorders in the Pacific Northwest with a caring heart.

NWIH has a benefit package that includes the following:
Salary: DOE
Medical coverage through Kaiser Permanente, NWIH pays 75%
Dental/Vision coverage available paid at 100% by the Employee
PTO after 90-probationary period completed

Provide comprehensive, quality health care services under approved Medical Protocols and the
supervision of the Primary and Back-Up Preceptors.

1. Evaluate and determine patient’s health status using the standard methods of history and
physical examination.
2. Intervene by utilizing pre-established protocols, medical consultation, by nursing care or by
obtaining referral for patient to physician or appropriate agency.
3. Work with patient and family to assist the patient and/or family members to function at their
optimal level of health.
4. Coordinate care provided by other health care providers and agencies.
5. Teach and counsel patients and families in areas of health care needs and interest.
6. Institute procedures to prevent or alter the effects of an illness.
7. Provide screening procedures for early detection, primary prevention and
8. Provide periodic examinations for school physicals, work permits, etc.
9. Determine family’s or patient’s concept of health in order to implement continuity of care.
10. Perform and administer Quality Assurance Program with quarterly written reporting to the
Compliance Officer and Medical Director.
11. Perform and administer Infection Exposure Control Plan with quarterly written reporting to
the Compliance Officer and Medical Director.
12. Provide staff education, when requested, during monthly staff meetings. 13. Assist the Laboratory Director with proficiency training of selected personnel performing waived laboratory testing and procedures. 14. Participate in Medical Record Audits and subsequent educational programs. 15. Accurately document and maintain the patient’s medical record. 16. Perform all medical services in accordance with Federal and State laws, statutes and regulations pertaining to the delivery of health care services and in accordance with the scope of practice afforded Physician Assistants in the State of WA.
17. Other responsibilities in accordance with the Policy and Procedure Manual and other duties as assigned.

(Must be specific to State Licensure Requirements)
1. Is currently licensed and registered with the State Board of Medical Examiners.
2. Has satisfactorily completed an academic program for preparing physician assistants that: (1) was at least one year in length; (2) consisted of supervised clinical practice and at least four months in the aggregate of classroom instruction directed toward preparing students to deliver health care services.
3. Current CPR Certification
4. Current Professional Liability Insurance Coverage policy.
5. Possess the ability to work productively with physicians, patients and other staff members.
6. Possess the ability to plan and execute work projects.
7. Can function in emergency situations. Supervisory Responsibilities: Assigned Nurse and other personnel as assigned.

If interested, please send cover letter and CV to: Amina Najam, HR Manager at: