WAPA PA Senate Bill 2378 | SB 2378

There are four major components of SB 2378:

  •  Moves Delegation Agreements to the practice level; (7/1/21) only need to send a copy to the Washington Medical Commission (WMC).
  • It changes physician/PA ratios to 10:1; (7/1/21) if practices already have a “waiver” for more, no need to resubmit.
  • It removes remote site restrictions; (7/1/21)
  • It removes duplicate regulatory structures for PAs working with MDs and DOs by placing all PAs under the Medical Commission. (7/1/21 no new licenses issued from BOOMS – transition will be final by 7/1/22) 

    An amendment was added: (7/1/21)

A physician assistant delivering general anesthesia or intrathecal anesthesia as part of their practice agreement with a physician must show evidence, on their practice agreement, of adequate education and training in the delivery of that type of anesthesia. The WMC will work on defining what “adequate education and training” means. During the rule making that WMC will conduct, WAPA will need help from those PAs delivering these types of anesthesia in order to protect their practice. 

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) revise rule to ease preceptors administrative burden.

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Congress passes legislation to allow PAs as Hospice Attending Physician
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Home Health Care Orders: Home Care Orders WSR 20-12-075 Emergency In Home Services _ PA _ COVID-19.pdf