Front row: Bob Puett, Constance Huynh, Sarra Vashchenko
Back row: Dale Sanderson, Randall Kelly, Linda Dale, Lyn Storm, Lyle Larson, Kate White Tudor, Lou Koncz, Leanne Brink, Jennifer Winter, Marc Stewart, MD, Betty Stewart, Gabrielle Zecha

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) revise rule to ease preceptors administrative burden.
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Congress passes legislation to allow PAs as Hospice Attending Physician
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2019 WAPA Lobby Day

February 5, 2019 (Tuesday)
Please save this date and plan to join your fellow PA colleagues for a day on the hill.
Talk with legislators about issues important to our profession and our patients.
Columbia Room, Legislative Building - 8:30 am start time
Olympia, Washington

SB 6445: Washington State Adds PAs to State's Mental Health Code

PAs in Washington State are celebrating Gov. Jay Inslee's recent signing of SB 6445 which adds PAs to 22 sections of the state's mental health code.
The bill's key changes include:

  • Adding PAs to the definitions of "mental health professional" and "developmental disabilities professional," 
  • Allowing PAs to be court appointed to examine and testify on behalf of certain mental health patients, 
  • Authorizing PAs to sign petitions for specified involuntary detentions,
  • Authorizing PAs to make determinations of incapacity, and 
  • Adding PAs throughout the Mental Health Advance Directive form.

SB 6445 becomes effective June 8, 2016. 

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