Collaborative Practice Legislation

WSMA is opposing collaborative practice and has stated that the current supervisory laws do not hinder PA employability or patient access to care. We are collecting data to understand how supervisory laws impact PAs employability and retention in Washington.

Please complete a brief survey HERE by Friday, February 3, 2023.

We encourage you to share this with your coworkers as well. The move data the better!

The WA PA collaborative practice law has been submitted by Rep. Marcus Riccelli. It’s HB 1310 and is submitted to the House Health Care and Wellness committee for hearing this Friday 1/20. We NEED this committee to pass the bill for it to move forward.

These are action items to support HB 1310.

You can do any one or all of these items to help:

  • Please consider submitting written testimony for the hearing here. Select Health Care & Wellness Committee 1/20 8 AM. Select HB 1310 and the type of testimony you would like to provide. Written testimony is INCREDIBLY valuable.
  • Sign in “pro” to the hearing by 7 AM on Friday 1/20. Sign in here.
  • Write Representative Riccelli at [email protected]  and express that you appreciate him championing the bill. We are concerned that he may be lukewarm on the bill since WSMA plans to oppose it.
  • Contact your legislators via ActionNetwork and ask them to tell HCW committee members to pass HB 1310. This is a quick letter campaign where you submit contact information and edit a letter template.
  • Attend PAs on the Hill on Thursday February 2nd– attend in person or virtually. To make an appointment to attend, email Amy ASAP at [email protected] 

Any of these items can be completed by a PA, supportive physician, family member, community member, patient, patient advocate, healthcare worker etc that you know so please share with your community network.

Your voice matters: as constituents, as providers, as POC, as veterans, as LGBTQIA+, as experienced healthcare workers, as students– we know this is important and that PAs are valuable, more organizations should be able to hire PAs without dealing with all the administrative burdens that currently accompany that. We want them to be able to focus on patients, not paperwork.

Thank you for supporting this advocacy effort and for sharing with your colleagues. 

Join us on Thurs., Feb. 2, 2023, for PAs on the Hill Day! 


President's Message from Eileen Ravella, PA-C


I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying family and friends during the holidays. We have a hard legislative road ahead and we need your help to pass collaborative legislation.

PAs in the state of Washington are challenged with an antiquated supervision law, impacting employability. Your individual and collective support is crucial to successfully pass legislation for collaborative practice. We have support and opposition from powerful organizations most impactful opposition is from WSMA. WSMA has more PA members than WAPA and WSMA opposes you! Our fight is for our survival as a profession in Washington. We have heard from many PAs across the state who are negatively impacted by the administrative burden of supervision. We must pass collaborative practice to advance PA employability.

If you are a PA member of WSMA, let them know how this is impacting PAs and consider rescinding your membership because money talks.

Why are we stymied by an organization that opposes our very existence? Why do nurse practitioners, physical therapists, optometrists, naturopaths and pharmacists have their own regulatory body? Why are they allowed to call themselves "Doctor", and we fight to be called physician associate? Why are we expected to fall in line and be grateful for a place at the table with our physician colleagues? Why must we fight hospital medical staff for a voice where decisions are made about us? Why? Because the law says highly educated PAs need a supervising physician, the state medical association views this as a liability! The reality of how we practice is starkly different in many settings. We must change the law to reflect this reality. We don't need direct supervision. Period. 

If you are comfortable in your current position as I am, then you are fortunate. But we as a collective, owe it to our profession and colleagues to fight WSMA. Talk to your representatives, they want to hear from you. These are crucial conversations.  You will receive bill specifics and bullet points to guide the conversation with your physician colleagues, legislator and stakeholders.  Our legislative day is on Thursday, February 2, 2023.  Please email [email protected] if you are available to attend. We need a powerful presence in the legislature. I hope I can count on you to stand up for our profession.  

Thank you on behalf of all PAs in Washington