Eileen Ravella, PA-C

Gabe Zecha, PA-C

Lyn Storm, PA-C
Immediate Past-President

Sue Cole, PA-C

Michelle Cardenas, PA-C

Chelsea Hager, JD


Region 1 Director Tamara Brining, PA-C, MMSc
Region 2 Director Randall Kelly, PA-C
Region 3 Director Marcy Shapley, PA-C
Region 4 Director Laura Wendzich, PA-C
Region 5 Director Justin Thibeault, PA-C
Region 6 Director Tei Habenicht, PA-C


AAPA Chief Delegate Leanne Brink, PA-C
AAPA 2 year Delegate Lyle Larson, PA-C, PhD
AAPA 1 year Delegate Randall Dickson
AAPA 1 year Delegate Monica Morrison
AAPA 1 year Delegate John Tomchick
AAPA 1 year Delegate Alternate Anju Jain
AAPA 1 year Delegate Alternate Eileen Ravella



Committee on Diversity Sarith Keo, PA-C
Communications Committee Leah Yoke, PA-C
Continuing Medical Education Lyn Storm (Co-Chair)
Allison Warmington (Co-Chair)
Elections Committee Dale Sanderson, PA-C
Health & Well-Being Committee Karen Black, PA-C (Chair)
Lobbyist  Chelsea Hager, JD
Legislative & Health Policy Council

Linda Dale, D.H.Ed, PA-C (Chair)
Constance Huynh, MPH, PA-C
Randall Kelly, PA-C
Lyle Larson, PA-C
Lynn Majors, PA-C
Monica Morrison, PA-C
Jenna Newcomb, PA-C
Eileen Ravella, PA-C
Betty Stewart, PA-C
Lyn Storm, PA-C
Gabe Zecha, PA-C

Medical Quality Assurance Commission Theresa Schimmels, PA-C
Jim Anderson, PA-C
Membership Committee Michael Corsilles, ND, PA-C (Chair)
Connie Daruthayan, PA-C
Randall Kelly, PA-C
Danielle Satow, PA-C
Public Education Committee Leah Yoke, PA-C (Chair)
Reimbursement Committee Margaret Walker, PA-C (Chair)
Veterans Committee Joanne Mulder, PA-C (Chair)
Interspecialty Council Linda Dale, D.H.Ed., PA-C
Student Affairs Committee Kari Holman, PA-C
Liaison to WSMA Board of Trustees Linda Dale, PA-C, D.H.Ed
Liaison to the Osteopathic Board TBD
WSMA HOD Representative Allison Warmington, PA-C
WAPA Student Representatives
(To Be Elected in September 2018)
Heritage: Heather Mayer, PA-S
Seattle: Alexandria Lahdya, PA-S
Spokane: Aaron Libolt, PA-S
Tacoma: Patrick Owens, PA-S