To ensure education, professional growth, resilience, and sustainability of the PA profession through representation of PAs in WA state. To cultivate a diverse and unified presence across all aspects of healthcare through advocacy,policy, and leadership.

Our vision is to fully realize PAs as integral members and leaders of Washington’s healthcare team and empower PAs to practice without barriers and at their highest level of education and training.



Gabe Zecha, PA-C

Eileen Ravella, PA-C
Immediate Past-President

Sue Cole, PA-C
President Elect


Laura Wendzich, PA-C

Michelle Cardenas, PA-C

Chelsea Hager, JD


Region 1 Director Tamara Brining, PA-C, MMSc
Region 2 Director Randall Kelly, PA-C
Region 3 Director Marcy Shapley, PA-C
Region 4 Director Sara Passey, PA-C
Region 5 Director Devlyn Neveux, PA-C
Region 6 Director Tei Habenicht, PA-C


AAPA Chief Delegate Lyle Larson, PA-C, PhD
AAPA 2 year Delegate Justin Thibeault, PA-C
AAPA 1 year Delegate Leanne Brink, MBA-HC, PA-C
AAPA 1 year Delegate Anju Jain, MS, ATC, PA-C
AAPA 1 year Delegate John Tomchick, PA-C
AAPA 1 year Delegate Alternate Gabe Zecha, PA-C
AAPA 1 year Delegate Alternate  



Committee on Diversity Sarith Keo, PA-C
CME Committee

Lyn Storm, PA-C (Co-chair)
Allison Warmington, PA-C (Co-chair)
Leanne Brink, MBA-HC, PA-C
Sylvan Lowens, PA-C
Monica Morrison, PA-C
Cameron Winter, PA-C
Leah Yoke, PA-C

Development and Fundraising TBD (Chair)
Elections Committee Dale Sanderson, PA-C
Finance Committee Michelle Cardenas, PA-C
Legislative & Health Policy Council

Linda Dale, D.H.Ed, PA-C (Chair)
Randall Dickson, MSPA, PA-C
Lyle Larson, PA-C
Lynn Majors, PA-C
Monica Morrison, PA-C
Jenna Newcomb, PA-C
Eileen Ravella, PA-C
Betty Stewart, PA-C
Lyn Storm, PA-C
Gabe Zecha, PA-C

Liaison to the Osteopathic Board TBD
Lobbyist  Chelsea Hager, JD
Medical Quality Assurance Commission Theresa Schimmels, PA-C
Jim Anderson, PA-C
Membership Committee

Bonnie Joy, PA-C (Chair)
Michael Corsilles, ND, PA-C 
Anju Jain, MS, ATC, PA-C
Randall Kelly, PA-C
Heather McKnight, B.S, PA-S
Danielle Satow, PA-C

Marketing and Public Relations Leah Yoke, PA-C (Chair)
Student Affairs Committee Kari Holman, PA-C
Veterans Committee Joanne Mulder, PA-C (Chair)
WAPA Student Representatives

Heritage: Heather McKnight, PA-S
Seattle: Alexandria Lahdya, PA-S
Spokane: Aaron Libolt, PA-S
Tacoma: Patrick Owens, PA-S
WSMA Liaison (BOT, HOD, IAS) Linda Dale, D.H.Ed., PA-C